Holden - The Car of Australia

Holden, the name that every car enthusiast loves.

With a large variety of models available, suitable for many different car uses, Holden have cemented its place in Australian's hearts.

Children remember working on the old Holden with Dad and then showing their own children how to work on the Old Holden when their kids were old enough.

Holden dates baholden carck to 1856 when it was a Saddlery company. The Holden name has grown and grown to now have more then 230 dealerships Australia Wide.

Holden have also enjoyed the taste of exporting its latest model, the VF to America.

Young people have also grown fond of Holden. Popular models are the Commodore and the Rodeo. They are affordable and parts are easy to obtain if needed.

Holden's are also highly sort after for restoring and bring an older model back to life.

Popular models are the VR, VS, Torana, Kingswood, Commodore, Rodeo,  Barina and the list goes on.

Sadly, Holden have also announced that they plan to discontinue the production of  Holden in Australia in 2017. However, Holden has agreed to import Holdens in the future back to Australia.

How the cars will be badged is yet to be seen. Will they be Holdens or GM............

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