Are Used Parts OK? And Is Buying Used Car Parts A Good Idea?

Buying car parts can get costly. Buying used parts can be a great solution to your part needs. Generally, used parts are a lot cheaper and are normally available on the spot compared to having new parts needing to be ordered from overseas and can take months before it hits your hands. With the need of the car being high on our priority list, why wait when used will do.

Buying a used part can also be a time costly task. Calling different wreckers or suppliers and explaining what you are looking for just to be told that they don't have the part in stock. Then you need to call another wrecker and start over again. It is frustrating. It’s important to get the right part from the start.

By following a few simple guidelines when ordering used parts you can save yourself the hassle of getting the wrong part and having to do it all over again.

  • Know what you need: Be sure you know exactly what you want to buy before you shop. Take picture of the old part and attached with your part request.
  • Ask questions: Don't worry about looking like a novice. Ask questions and find out more details so that you get the right part.
  • Be sure the part is returnable: Sometimes you'll end up with the wrong part no matter how careful you plan. Make sure they will exchange it for the right part if this happens.
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