How to Determine the Proper Value of an Older Car?

Purchasing a car is a big investment, so it is important to choose the right car. However it becomes all the more important when you decide to purchase a used car an

18 Jul 2015

How to avoid bad deal when hunting for bike parts

We all are tempted towards a good bargain. Be it a brand new product or any second hand product we wish to purchase, getting the right price is always tempting.

10 Jul 2015

Tips to Buy Suitable Bike for You

Choose a suitable bike for yourself

Still thinking to buy a suitable bike for yourself, but not sure how to go about it? Here we bring you the best tips to help you accomplish

04 Jul 2015

That’s why Toyota Corolla is the car most in demand

Toyota Corolla has always been known as most in demand passenger car from last few decades. Every newer car of this generation comes with lower, wider, and longer appearance. This cause an eye c

02 Feb 2015

15 Surprising Facts about Cars

Car is considered a very important and daily to use component in our life. Here are some Interesting facts about cars, you might not aware of.

29 Jan 2015

Ford Australia - Long History of Making Cars

Ford Motor Company of Australia Limited (Ford Australia), a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company of Canada, manufactures, imports and distributes small, medium and large

16 Dec 2014

Holden - The Car of Australia

Holden, the name that every car enthusiast loves.

With a large variety of models available, suitable for many different car uses, Holden have cement

29 Nov 2014

Import Crisis: Influx of grey imports in car industry

There is a fear amongst car industry experts that the closure of major car manufactures in Australia will lead to influx of Grey Imports (second-hand cars from overseas) and that it will wreck t

25 Mar 2014

Are Used Parts OK? And Is Buying Used Car Parts A Good Idea?

Buying car parts can get costly. Buying used parts can be a great solution to your part needs. Generally, used parts are a lot cheaper and are normally available on the spot compared to having n

02 Dec 2013

How do I know I am saving money using recycled car parts?

Car ownership can be expensive, especially if you are faced with the situation of having to replace worn or broken parts or replacing parts damaged during an accident.

There are many

15 Nov 2013