How to Determine the Proper Value of an Older Car?

Purchasing a car is a big investment, so it is important to choose the right car. However it becomes all the more important when you decide to purchase a used car and it is crucial to determine the used car value.  A used car can be of a great value for you when you get a good deal. Make sure you do not overpay.

The advantages can be many; the most important would be cost saving. In this case the insurance cost becomes less since the value of the vehicle is comparatively less.  But before you fix your choice make sure you determine second hand car values.older car value

How to determine used car value?

You can purchase a car either from a dealer or privately, but whatever options you go with make sure the car is not overpriced. But before you settle on the price make sure you inspect the car properly.

  • Inspect the side panels properly to understand if there are any scratches on the body of the car.
  • Since it is a used car, there are chances of body damages. So make sure you check for any paint blisters or rust marks particularly around the headlights and wheel wells.
  • Make sure you check the doors properly, particularly towards the driver’s side.  The damage marks are likely to be more here. Also there should not be much gap between the body and the doors.
  • You can also use a magnet to check signs of any previous damage on the body.
  • Inspect the condition of the convertible top mechanism; there might be chances that it does not fit properly.
  • Once you are done with the exterior inspection, you should check on the condition of the engine now. Start the engine and test the car at a high speed.
  • Make sure you test the car on different types of roads.  This helps to understand the suspension condition of the car and the steering control. Probably if the engine knocks it means there is a problem.  If possible accompany yourself with a mechanic to have a better understanding about the engine condition.
  • Most vehicles have a service history book available stamped by a dealer or authorized mechanic; the same can also be checked for deeper understanding.

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