15 Surprising Facts about Cars

Car is considered a very important and daily to use component in our life. Here are some Interesting facts about cars, you might not aware of.

  1. A car is made with 30,000 or more parts. This number also includes screw, bolt and washer. Out of 30,000, approximately 10,000 are moving parts only.

  2. In 2010, the numbers of car users were 1 billion from 500 million in 1986. These numbers are increasing rapidly in countries like China, India & newly industrialized countries like South Africa and Brazil

  3. The first self-propelled vehicle built by Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot, a French resident in 1769. It was powered by steam and was a based on three wheels only.

  4. The first car accident occurred in Ohio city, in 1891. It was an gasoline-powered auto and was carrying two people including driver.

  5. The Fastest street car of the world is Bugatti Veyron Super Sport 431 km./h. designed and developed by the Volkswagen Group

  6. Toyota Corolla is found the best suited and all purpose car for drivers. This car is also being considered the best selling car from 1974.

  7. San Marino, Monaco & Liechtenstein are top three countries where maximum motor vehicle used for per thousand inhabitants. Bangladesh, Solomon Islands & Togo are the countries where least car users are found ( 2-3 motor vehicle per thousand inhabitants)

  8. China, Japan & Germany are top car producing countries. Around 165,000 cars are produced everyday.

  9. A newly purchased car emits of over 50 volatile organic compound.

  10. Ethanol is fuel which is made from sugar cane.

  11. 75% of total Rolls Royce car are still running on the road. Hong Kong is the place where Rolls Royce per capita is the highest.

  12. In Switzerland you would be charged for over speeding fine according to your car speed and your yearly income.

  13. According to recent research, it is found that women buy more new cars than man. Women capture around 60% of total new sold cars in market.

  14. The highest rate of carjacking is occurred in South Africa, it is 18 times more than that of North America.

  15. Windshield Wipers were invented by a woman in Nov.1903, her name was Mary Anderson & she was an US resident.

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