That’s why Toyota Corolla is the car most in demand

Toyota Corolla has always been known as most in demand passenger car from last few decades. Every newer car of this generation comes with lower, wider, and longer appearance. This cause an eye catching features of Corolla in public mindset, that’s why the latest car is being awaited with so many speculations. The first country who imported this car was Australia in Nov. 1996. Corolla has many manufacturing units all over the world including Brazil, Canada, China, India & Australia and many European countries.

toyota corolla first generation


Oldest Generation Cars.

Toyota introduced its first generation E10 car with 1100 cc engine in 1966.  The next generation was E20 in 1970 & it gained unexpected popular by 1974 across the world. In this generation, the front suspension design was considerably improved. These cars were also equipped with better engine capacity of 1400 & 1600 cc .


21st Century Corolla Car

Toyota E120/E130 series, the 9th generation car was first brought in Japanese market in Aug. 2000. This was one of the most versatile designs to match different market needs. Corolla Altis had the similar body panels and interiors and a fresh facelifts. This model of corolla won ‘car of the year’ in 2002 by UK based monthly magazine ‘What Car?’ Some of the most popular car of this series in Australia was Ascent Sport, Conquest, and Ultima.


corolla elevent generation

The Latest Toyota Corolla Car ( E170)

The eleventh generation and the latest Toyota Corolla released in Dec. 2013. In Australia it was offered in Sedan as well as hatchback form. This car is equipped with all modern technologies and designs. There are various versions of this model like Ascent, Auris & Levin. All these have great features like reverse camera, rear parking sensors, folding rear seats & 15 inch steel wheels.


What Make Corolla so reliable over the years?

The bottom of all things is that Corolla has provided all features what most customers was looking for. Interior space, noiseless on the road & build quality is the features that make Corolla reliable and demanding all the time.


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