Tips to Buy Suitable Bike for You

Choose a suitable bike for yourself

Still thinking to buy a suitable bike for yourself, but not sure how to go about it? Here we bring you the best tips to help you accomplish your mission. Be it your passion for bikes or your love for riding, you need to follow our guidelines and get the best possible deals.

Bike Buying Tips


The foremost important factor when you decide to buy anything is your budget. So set your budget right from the very beginning. In this context it is always good to do some research. At Findmypart we make your task easy, here you can compare prices and fix your budget right.


Be it any vehicle you decide to purchase, finalize your choice based on your comfort and needs. It is important to select a bike that suits your needs and fits your comfort in the best possible way.

Maintenance Cost

Well this is where you have to consider while settling on your budget. This depends on the type of model you choose. Sometimes you also need to spend on upgrading old parts.

Gear System

The type of gear usually determines the weight and cost of the bike.

Fix your choice

It is always advisable to fix on your choices first before buying a bike. You will get different types of bikes based on your preferences. Every bike is designed for a specific type of ride and has exclusive bike parts for the same.  Buying a bike is not an easy task, it is important to determine what would be the purpose of the bike and how often you will use it.

To make bike buying easier for you we have categorized the most popular bike types.

Street and Standard Bikes

Street and standard bikes are the general multipurpose bikes designed for paved roads. If your purpose is to own a bike for daily travel purpose, these would undoubtedly be the best option for you.

Sport Bikes    

Having fast and powerful engines these bikes will definitely be the favorite with those who love adventure. However you need to be careful while purchasing these since the insurance cost will be higher for the bikes in this category.


Scooters have a less powerful engine than motorcycles. Additionally they also have less running costs which makes them affordable.


Cruisers have low seats and long wheel base making them suitable for easy riding. The most popular brand of cruiser includes Harley Davidson.

Touring Bikes

These bikes have large displacement engines that make them suitable for long distance travel.

 Decide on the proper size

 It is important to test ride the bike before you finalize your choice. The size and weight of the vehicle plays a very important role in determining your comfort level; even a fraction of an inch can make a difference. So make sure you go with a bike that suits your comfort level.

At Findmypart we help you find suitable suppliers making your bike buying experience a more enjoyable experience. Bike buying Australia has become easier with us and we make sure our bike buying tips help everyone to make the right choice.

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